ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide delivers period, any-to-any electronic payment solutions for banks, intermediaries, merchants and billers.

Any Payment, each chance

With ACI’s Universal Payments — UP — portfolio of solutions,

They have a tendency to build quick, straightforward and secure payments potential round the world by connecting additional ways that to pay with additional payment capabilities than the other supplier.

UP solutions deliver the performance, security and quantifiability you wish to succeed these days – and tomorrow.

With UP, your payment prospects are unlimited.


Founded: 1975

Headquarters: urban center, FL

Offices: thirty-nine countries

Employees: three,800+

2018 Revenue: $1+ billion


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ACI Values

At the guts of ACI may be a straightforward, powerful thought — in spite of expertise, role or location,

They have a tendency to operate joined team, 1ACI.

Their 1ACI team is driven by our six core ACI values, that underpin everything they have a tendency to do, describe the qualities they have a tendency to share,

Inform the manner we have a tendency to work and connect United States across the world.

It’s through our dedicated 1ACI team and therefore the values we have a tendency to embody that we’ll still expand the globe of prospects in payments.

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1ACI discovers, creates and makes chance happen on a daily basis. the search to grasp additional, imagine additional and do additional energizes United States.

They have a tendency to introduce to drive the continuing evolution of payments, fast it, directive it and making contemporary prospects for anyone, anyplace United Nations agency makes a payment.

They have a tendency to perpetually raise, “What may happen next?” and focus our time, experience and resources on finding the solution.

Once They generate huge ideas and challenge our own manner of thinking,

They have a tendency to bring new opportunities available — for ACI and for our customers.


1ACI collaborates to fuel success, exchange ideas and encourage.

Collaboration doesn’t simply bind our business along. It amplifies our power to attain nice things.

By building partnerships — with fellow ACIers, groups and customers — They have a tendency to exchange data, ideas and inspiration.

They’re stronger once we work along. As a team, they’ve the facility to form additional price for everybody.


1ACI thrives on amendment, adapting dynamically to new variable to become stronger.

ACI is resilient, responsive and prepared for amendment. we have a tendency to are versatile within the manner we have a tendency to work and dynamic as we have a tendency to reply to the monumental changes within the payments business.

Once new needs, technologies or opportunities are introduced or known, we have a tendency to move quickly and agilely to with efficiency leverage them to deliver bigger results for our customers and ourselves.


1ACI puts customers at the middle of everything we have a tendency to do.

Their customers are our center of gravity: we have a tendency to place them at the core of each action we have a tendency to take and call we have a tendency to build. that every one starts with understanding however they work, what they have and the way we are able to meet their specific challenges. we have a tendency to then deliver the correct resolution and absolute best expertise, coaching job and guiding them, making new sources of import and serving to them grow.


1ACI is driven to succeed, navigating the unquiet payments landscape and delivering results for ACI, their customers and colleagues.

In associate degree dynamic , ever-innovating business, we predict huge, embrace competition, set formidable goals and keep moving forward. Our success is oil-fired by our inner drive to be the most effective.

Each action we have a tendency to take is aligned with our strategy and is meant to deliver results. we have a tendency to are responsible, responsive and driven by the best standards for quality and performance.

We have a tendency to ne’er lose sight of semipermanent goals and attempt to create semipermanent relationships, knowing they deliver lasting price.


1ACI acts sympathetically and treats everybody as equals. they have a tendency to are a world business, operational across borders and bounds, operating in numerous languages, currencies and cultures.

However where we have a tendency to go, and whomever they have a tendency to’re addressing — whether or not a colleague or a client — they treat them as equals.

Which means understanding their perspective, being thoughtful and unselfish in their interactions and delivering on our guarantees.


We have over forty years of payments experience and customers in 90+ countries including:

18 of the highest twenty banks worldwide

Thousands of merchants directly and thru PSPs

3,700+ organizations utilizing our electronic bill payment solutions

1,500+ banks, intermediaries and merchants preventing fraud with our solutions.


Basically We are a local Web Development Firm. We also do sales & Marketing Electrical Goods.

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